DesignCore® D3CM-IMX290 Camera Module


This FPD-Link™ III camera is ideal for vision system evaluation and demo platforms. It is designed for use with D3 Engineering’s DesignCore® RVP (Rugged Vision Platform) Development Kits. The D3CM features the Sony® IMX290 sensor and optics in an unsealed (non-rugged) enclosure. It has industrial environmental ratings.

Additional information

Lens Options

151 deg FOV, 76 deg FOV

Lead Time

6 – 8 Weeks

Use Case

Evaluation or production systems.

Volume Pricing

Available starting at quantity of 25. Contact D3.

Compatible Hardware

DesignCore RVP-TDA3x Development Kit with 4Ghz FPD-Link™ SerDes

All pricing is for domestic orders to the U.S. Any international orders may result in different pricing.


Read the DesignCore D3CM-IMX290 Camera Module Data Sheet for additional information and product specifications.

SKU (151 FOV): 1000406-04

SKU (76 FOV): 1000406-03


  • FPD-Link™ III Camera
  • Sony® IMX290 Image Sensor
  • Resolution: 1080p HD (1920X1080)
  • Frame Rate: 60fps Default (120fps Max)
  • MIPI-CSI2 Over FPD-Link III (Serial) Video Output
  • Back-Channel Configuration Connectivity


Automotive Advanced Driver Assist (ADAS) Systems

  • Front or rear camera
  • 3D Surround View
  • Driver monitoring
  • Camera monitoring systems (CMS)

Autonomous Trucking/Transportation Systems

Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGV)

Collaborative Robotics

360-Degree Vision Systems